Ted Prothero



As a trusted Realtor®️ I can make the process of buying or selling your home a rewarding experience for you. I will bring superior customer service to every interaction with every client, every time. That means you will have my knowledge, skills, connections, and the latest technology working hard for you every day.

I have a unique renovation, design, and sales background including; running my own painting and renovation company, design and sales for two mill work companies providing customized solutions for cabinetry, as well as sales for a renovation company.

Customer service and building lasting relationships is very important to me and is the key to my success and the basis for my network of clients and providers.

Trust, integrity, and professionalism are built into the codes of ethics and laws I must follow as a Realtor®️ but beyond all the rules, these principles are important to me, they are ingrained in my identity, and guide the way I work.

I look forward to working with you and helping you fulfill your goals and dreams.

Ted Prothero