Keith Graham

Founder / Broker / AbR

As an Accredited Buyers Agent (ABR), I have been a practicing agent since 1988 with the York, Durham and Toronto Real Estate Boards and I have been a Broker since 1999. I have sold New Home Condominiums with acclaimed projects such as Brockstone, Brownstone, South Beach Marina, The Riviera, Harmony, CityGate and Harbour View Estates, The Neo, The Montage, The Gallery, N1 & N2, Parade, Panorama, Luna, Discovery, Park Place and City Place to name a few and I was the number one selling in-house agent for Concord City place for the past 4 years. I have my Mortgage Brokerage License and was a Manager for Canada Trust TD Bank.

Since 2007, I have been specializing in Assignments in the downtown core. After writing over 200 Assignment transactions to date, I have found my place in this niche market and I love it! 

In my 30 years plus experience, I have never before been made aware of such a niche market as this. I am very excited to share with you and be part of the experience of this secret and sophisticated method of selling new home properties prior to the final closing.

Most sellers are aware of the standard way of trading in real estate, the multiple listing service MLS in the city of Toronto and surrounding area, however, they are surprised to find out that the developers can bind them to wait so long and pass on so many expenses on the final closing. This has taken the average 100% return on their investments and reduced it to almost half after all expenses incurred. Many are aware of the multiple new home projects that are heavily advertised and talked about. Very few people are aware of the potential to assign their units prior to occupancy in these great projects. That’s where I come in, with the exclusive right to assign or re-sell these units at a time whereby there is little to no competition in this niche market. Talk about being in the right place at the right time, I have served the new home developer market for nearly 15 years, now I have the opportunity to help some of the investors reclaim their profits earlier by negotiating with the developers. Having a lawyer who is a developer’s lawyer himself and who was very instrumental in developing the Condominium Act and the regulations concerning the restrictions of assigning units has helped us to complete the package.

This is by far the most exciting time for me and I hope to continue to be a leader in this industry.

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Mobile: 416-712-7908