So you're renting out your property, why have us manage it for you? 

Here at City Accord Property Management Inc., we provide you with expert management designed to safeguard, preserve and prolong your property investment and revenue returns. We work to make your rental management experience as comprehensive and seamless as possible, and focus on fostering and maintaining excellent tenant relationships. 

You're an owner, how can we help you? 

Market Insight

  • In-depth knowledge of local rental markets, rates, and residential demand

  • Personalized consultations and customized marketing plan for your property

Leasing Expertise

  • Expertise in listing to generate interest, maximize rental income, and encourage quick occupancy and long-term tenancy

  • Tenant screening, credit checks and personal/employment reference verifications

24-Hour Supervision

  • Professional and quick handling of all tenant issues

  • Takeover and handover suite inspections

  • Continuing maintenance & coordination of required repairs

  • Tenancy renewals

Administrative Services

  • Direct monthly deposit of rental income to your financial institution

  • Yearly financial statements provided

  • Coordination of tax rebates

You're a tenant, how can we help you? 

  • Free market consultation

  • Walk-in access to comprehensive listings

  • Customized location, size and amenity searches tailored to your budget and preferences

  • Competitive rental rates & fast, easy negotiations

  • Additional rental benefits exclusive to a select portfolio of City Accord Rental Management Program properties