Shawn Pearlman


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A veteran real estate agent since 2004, Shawn has built up a long list of referral clients. This is due to his exceptionally strong knowledge of downtown condos, combined with his ability to match clients with the best investment condos suited for their particular needs and budget. With a near-photographic memory of layouts, Shawn is a master at assessing the precise market value of a unit, to the penny. Shawn learned his trade from some of the top realtors in Toronto. 

After building a sizeable re-sale client base in Mississauga while at Re/Max Realty One brokerage, Shawn shifted his focus to downtown Toronto condos. 

Upon joining The Condo Store brokerage in 2006, Shawn quickly became one of the firm’s top-selling agents, specializing in pre-sale and re-assignment units. Shawn’s high success rate makes him highly respected (and highly recruited) by downtown brokers. Originally from Montreal, Shawn completed a degree in Management of Information Systems (M.I.S.) with a minor in Electronic Commerce at Concordia University. Shawn’s interests outside of real estate include physical fitness (wall climbing, weight lifting, roller blading), psychology, self-improvement/emotional intelligence, global politics, and raising his Lhasa Apso ‘Buddy’.

Office: 416-883-0892
Mobile: 647-290-9179